Our Menu



Stuffed Mushrooms – A tasty mixture of artichoke hearts, seasoned bread crumbs, lemon juice, butter, garlic and green onions stuffed in mushroom caps.  Topped with mozzarella cheese and baked.  11.50 (please allow us at least 15 minutes to prepare this order)

Chevre Stuffed Dates – Wrapped in bacon and baked.  Served with apple slices and grapes.  11.50 (please allow us at least 15 minutes to prepare this order)

Fresh Dungeness Crab Cocktail – Served with cocktail sauce and lemon.  Market Price

Baby Shrimp Cocktail – Served with homemade cocktail sauce and lemon. 8.95

Chicken Strips – Fresh chicken tenderloin strips lightly breaded and deep fried.  Served with BBQ sauce.  8.95

Spicy Chicken Drummettes – Served with our homemade buttermilk or bleu cheese dressing. 11.95

Calamari Dijonnaise – Pacific squid lightly sautéed in a creamy Dijon wine sauce.  10.50

Deep Fried Calamari – Served with an Aioli caper sauce.  11.95

Fresh Steamed Clams or Mussels – Clams: 1 lb.  17.95   2 lb. 33.95    Mussels: 1 lb. 15.95  2 lb. 29.95

Oysters on the Half Shell – Six fresh schucked Pacific oysters, served with cocktail sauce and lemon.  16.95

Roasted Garlic – Served with Chevre, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and sliced French baguette.  13.95

Hummus Plate- Homemade Hummus served with fresh pita bread, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, olives, pickled onions and cauliflower,and Feta cheese.  11.50


Salads are served with our homemade dressings and fresh bread.

Caesar Salad – Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed in our Caesar dressing with homemade seasoned croutons and parmesan cheese.  Small 7.95  Large 9.95

Greek Salad – A bed of Romaine lettuce topped with feta cheese and capers.  Garnished with Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions.  Served with our vinaigrette dressing.  14.95

Chicken & Fruit Salad – Tender dark chicken meat on a bed of mixed greens, with chunks of fresh apples, fresh pineapple, oranges, grapes, dried Bing cherries, and walnuts.  Served with our  poppyseed dressing.   14.95     With fresh broiled chicken breast, add 2.50

Chef Salad – Julienne slices of turkey, ham, cheddar cheese and swiss cheese on a bed of mixed greens.  Garnished with egg and fresh vegetables.  14.95

Spinach Salad – Fresh spinach tossed with sliced mushrooms, chopped bacon, hard-boiled egg, homemade seasoned croutons, and poppy seed dressing.  Topped with parmesan cheese.  13.50

Chicken Strip Salad – Fresh lightly breaded deep fried chicken tenderloin strips with julienne cut Swiss and cheddar cheeses on a bed of mixed greens.  Garnished with fresh vegetables.  Choice of dressing.  14.95

Cobb Salad- Tender chunks of dark chicken meat, chopped bacon, and crumbled bleu cheese on a bed of romaine lettuce.  Garnished with egg and fresh vegetables.  14.95   With fresh broiled chicken breast, add 2.50

Mediterranean Cobb Salad – Boneless chicken hind quarter marinated in balsamic vinegar, broiled and served on a bed of romaine lettuce, with pancetta bacon, gorgonzola cheese, Kalamata olives, sliced red onions, pepperocinis, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Served with vinaigrette dressing.  16.95

Chicken Salad – Tender dark chicken meat marinated in our vinaigrette dressing on a bed of lettuce and shredded cabbage and carrots.  Garnished with fresh vegetables.  13.95 With chicken breast, add 2.50

S & S Louis – Smoked salmon and baby shrimp on a bed of mixed greens.  Garnished with egg and fresh vegetables, and served with your choice of our homemade salad dressings.  17.95

Shrimp Salad – Baby shrimp on a bed of mixed greens surrounded by egg and fresh vegetables.  15.95

Crab Louis – Fresh Dungeness crab on a bed of mixed greens.  Vegetables and egg garnish.  Market Price

Seafood Stuffed Avocado- A whole avocado, halved and filled with fresh shrimp and Dungeness crab, on toped of a bed of mixed greens. Garnished with fresh vegetables and egg.  20.95

Homemade Soups & Side Salads

French Onion Soup – A rich and hearty onion soup, topped with a French crouton, Gruyere cheese, and baked until slightly brown.  A real treat!  Cup 5.95  Bowl 7.95

Soup of the Day- Cream and broth choices.  Cup 3.95  Bowl 5.95   (Mark’s Clam Chowder available on Fridays).

Small Mixed Green Dinner Salad or Dinner Caesar – 3.95

Lunch Bouillabaisse Special

A hearty fish stew served with your choice of a tossed green salad or Caesar salad and bread.  15.95
Available from 11-2 p.m., Monday-Friday

Vegan Options

Hummus Plate- Homemade Hummus served with fresh pita bread, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, olives, pickled onions and cauliflower.  11.50

Quinoa Chili– Vegan chili with quinoa, kidney beans and black beans, topped with fresh avocado.  cup 4.55   bowl  6.95

Falafel Pita Wrap- Healthy began falafel , wrapped in our homemade pita bread with hummus, tahini sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onions and sriracha chili sauce  9.95

Black Bean Rice Bowl- Cuban Black beans cooked with peppers, onion, cumin, and oregano, served with coconut lime jasmine rice.  6.95

Black Bean Brown Rice Patty- Made with black beans, brown rice, mushrooms, and flax seed, served on Sourdough bread with cashew chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato and marinated red onion. Comes with your choice of side.  11.95

Fettucine – Homemade noodles  with mushrooms, spinach, vegetables, and peppers. Tossed in a tomato basil sauce. Comes with your choice of side.  18.95


We make our own breads!  Includes your choice of the following:  cole slaw, potato salad,  fruit salad, Caesar salad, tossed green salad, homemade soup, or fries.

Cold Turkey or Cold Ham Sandwich – Served on our homemade French bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.  11.50    With cheese, add 2.00 (Tillamook Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack)

First Street Stack – A cold sandwich made of sliced turkey breast, bacon strips and Tillamook cheddar cheese, with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.  Served on your choice of our homemade breads.  13.95

BLT on BCB – Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on our homemade grilled bleu cheese bread.  11.95

Vegetarian Sandwich – Grilled whole wheat bread with warm cream cheese, sautéed mushrooms, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing.  12.50

Bleu Bird – Sliced turkey breast and melted Tillamook cheddar cheese on our grilled bleu cheese bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.  12.95

Whole Hog – Grilled ham and melted Tillamook cheddar cheese with bacon strips on grilled whole wheat bread, with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.  13.95

The Hula – Thinly sliced ham, fresh pineapple, warm cream cheese, melted Swiss cheese and tomato on our homemade grilled French bread.  13.95

Maximillian – Broiled fresh chicken breast on grilled French bread with melted pepper jack cheese, a mild green chili, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and salsa on the side.  14.50

Fresh Dungeness Crab Melt, or Baby Shrimp Sandwich – Your choice of seafood and melted cheddar cheese on our homemade grilled sourdough, with thousand island dressing, lettuce, and tomato.  Crab  Market Price,  Shrimp  14.50

French Reuben – Corned beef, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, and thousand island dreassing on our homemade grilled French bread.  14.95

Bleu Babe – Warm Prime Rib sandwich on our grilled homemade bleu cheese bread with melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.  Served with a side of Dijon mustard.  16.95

Prime Rib Dip – Thinly sliced, warm, choice prime rib on our homemade baguette, with sautéed mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese.  Served with Aus jus.  16.95


We make our own buns and grind our own fresh beef!  Burgers served with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Your choice of soup, salad, Caesar salad,  fruit salad, potato salad, cole slaw, or fries.

Baldwin Burger – Broiled 1/3 lb. lean beef patty.  12.95   With cheese add 2.00

Bonney Burger – Broiled fresh beef patty with melted Tillamook cheddar cheese and bacon strips.  14.95

Mushroom Burger – Broiled beef patty with melted Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms.  14.95

Bleu Cheese & Bacon Burger – 1/3 lb. broiled lean beef patty with crumbled bleu cheese and bacon strips. 15.95

S.O.B. – This South Of The Border burger features a broiled lean beef patty topped with melted pepper jack cheese and a mild green chile.  Served with homemade salsa on the side.  13.95

Un-Bonney Burger – Fresh broiled chicken breast, melted Tillamook cheddar cheese and bacon strips. 14.95

Chicken Charlie – Fresh broiled chicken breast with melted Swiss cheese, thinly sliced ham, honey mustard dressing, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. 14.95

House Favorites

Includes your choice of homemade soup, or green salad, or a Caesar salad, and our fresh homemade bread.  

Halibut & Chips – Beer-battered halibut, served with French fries and our own tartar sauce.  12.95

Chicken Strip Dinner – Fresh chicken tenderloin, lightly breaded and deep fried.  Served with French fried potatoes, and our homemade barbeque sauce.  14.95

Fresh Steamed Clams or Mussels –  One pound Clams  21.50,   One pound Mussels 19.50

Oysters Rockefeller or Oysters Italiano –  Six fresh oysters baked on the half shell with a marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese (Italiano), or with a fresh spinach sauce and parmesan cheese (Rockefeller)  21.95

Marinated Chicken – Boneless chicken hind quarter marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and garlic.  Charbroiled and then served with oven-roasted vegetables.  15.95

Seafood Bouillabaisse – Fish stew made with fresh mussels, clams, prawns, and fresh fish of the day.  25.95

Pasta Dishes

Pasta is homemade and fresh and we also have Gluten Free Pasta

Includes your choice of green salad, Caesar salad or homemade soup and our fresh baked bread.

Fettuccine Alfredo – Fresh, homemade fettuccine tossed with cream, garlic, butter and parmesan cheese.  16.95

Chicken Mediterranean Fettuccine – Sautéed tender chunks of dark chicken meat, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, feta cheese, parmesan, chicken stock, garlic, and shallots with fettuccine noodles.  19.95  With fresh broiled chicken breast, add 2.50

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo – Dark chicken meat tossed with fettuccine in an Alfredo sauce with mushrooms and topped with Parmesan cheese.  19.95    With fresh broiled chicken breast, add 2.50

Seafood Linguine – Fresh mussels, clams, prawns, mushrooms and selected fresh fish of the day sautéed in a white wine and lemon sauce and tossed with our homemade linguine noodles.  Topped with Parmesan cheese.  25.95

Smoked Salmon and Baby Shrimp Fettuccine – Fettuccine noodles in a creamy Alfredo sauce tossed with smoked salmon, baby shrimp, and fresh sliced mushrooms.  Topped with Parmesan cheese. 22.95

Spinach Fettuccine – Fresh, homemade spinach fettuccine noodles with cream, mushrooms, feta cheese, prosciutto ham, garlic, shallots and Parmesan cheese.  19.95

Rock Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo- Succulent sauteed Rock Shrimp and sliced mushrooms in a creamy Alfredo sauce with homemade fettuccine noodles, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. 24.95

Pork Parmesan – Seasoned cutlets of pork tenderloin, pan fried to a golden brown.  Served on a bed of fettuccine and topped with a tomato and fresh basil sauce and Parmesan cheese.  16.95
Served with an Alfredo sauce instead of a tomato sauce.  17.95

Chicken Parmesan- Boneless, skinless, fresh chicken, breaded in Parmesan cheese and pan fried. Served on fettuccine, topped with a white sauce 17.95, or a red sauce  16.95


Served from 4 pm to close

Includes choice of homemade soup or green salad or Caesar salad, fresh vegetables, choice of baked potato, couscous, rice, potatoes O’Brien, or french fries, and bread.

Coquille St. Jacques – Fresh scallops lightly sautéed in a cream and sherry sauce with shallots and sliced mushrooms.  28.95

Scallops Provencal – Fresh Eastern scallops sautéed in white wine with fresh lemon juice, butter, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, green onions and shallots.  28.95

Saffron Scallops- Fresh Scallops sauteed with saffron, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and shallots, reduce with clam juice, white wine, and cream.  28.95

Pan-Fried Oysters – Fresh oysters, lightly breaded and pan-fried to a golden brown.  23.95

Captain’s Platter – Beer-battered deep fried halibut, breaded fresh deep fried scallops, fresh pan fried oysters, and deep fried prawns.  Served with cocktail sauce.  28.95

Shrimp Scampi Style – Five jumbo prawns lightly sautéed with white wine, fresh lemon juice, butter, green onions, garlic, shallots and mushrooms.  27.95

Deep Fried Prawns – Five jumbo prawns lightly breaded, then fried.  Served with cocktail sauce.  26.95

Chicken Dijonnaise – Two fresh chicken breasts sautéed in a creamy Dijon wine sauce with diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic, shallots and mushrooms.  25.95  (Dinner made with only one chicken breast, 20.50)

Chicken Scallopine – Two fresh breasts of chicken sautéed in white wine, with shallots and butter.  Finished with a lemon butter sauce and capers.  25.95  (Dinner made with one chicken breast, 20.50)

Chicken Marsala – Two fresh chicken breasts sautéed with Marsala wine, proscuitto ham, shallots, garlic and mushrooms.  Finished with a brown sauce.  25.95  (Dinner made with one chicken breast, 20.50)

Chicken Cordon Bleu – A fresh chicken breast stuffed with gruyere cheese and ham.  Breaded and baked, and topped with a lemon butter sauce.  25.95

Pork Tenderloin – Fresh tenderloin of pork, charbroiled and served with our homemade cumin-barbeque sauce.  24.95

Pork Roberto – Sautéed tender medallions of pork tenderloin finished with a creamy dijon brown sauce.  21.95

Top Sirloin- 8 oz. center cut certified Angus Beef  20.95

Surf and Turf- 8 oz. Top Sirloin center cut certified Angus Beef, served with pan fried oysters with tartar sauce and lemon 27.95, or with breaded prawns fried and served with cocktail sauce and lemon  30.95

Filet Mignon – Fresh, choice 8 oz. cut, broiled to your specifications.  33.95

Filet Mignon with Green Peppercorn Sauce –  Pan-fried and deglazed with Madeira wine, brown sauce, green peppercorns, cream and Dijon mustard.  35.95

Prime Rib – Fresh, choice Angus Prime Rib, served with creamed horseradish sauce and au jus.  Choice 12 oz. Cut  32.95,  or 16 oz. Cut 35.95


All of our desserts are homemade on the premises and are therefore subject to availability. 

Dessert garnishes are with fresh whipped cream.

Chocolate Mousse – Light and fluffy chocolate mousse highlighted with a hint of Grand Marnier.  5.75

Mango Swedish Crème – A sweet, creamy custard topped with a refreshing mango sauce. 5.75

Carmelo – Soft caramel and chocolate caramel spooned over sponge cake, topped with whipped cream.  5.75

Chocolate Decadence – A dense, flourless chocolate cake (similar to a cross between fudge and a brownie) topped with whipped cream and raspberry melba sauce.  5.75

Walnut Tart – Carmelled walnuts encased in a sweet dough crust and topped with chocolate ganache. 6.25

Key Lime Pie – A taste of summer, any time! Made with fresh limes and a graham cracker crust.  5.75

Peanut Butter Pie – An extremely creamy peanut butter pie complemented by a chocolate wafer and graham cracker crust and topped with chocolate ganache.  5.75

Triple Chocolate Decadence – Chocolate Decadence cake as a base, a layer of rich chocolate mousse filling, all topped with chocolate ganache.  6.25

Carrot Cake- Three layers of moist cake with a smooth creamcheese frosting.  6.25

Bread Pudding – Old fashioned, and made with plenty of cream, eggs and vanilla.  Topped with whipped cream and blueberries.  6.00

Coconut Cream Pie- Maybe the best you ever had. 6.25

Creme Burlee- A vanilla bean custard with a brunt sugar crust. 6.50

Neapolitan Cheesecake- Layers of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, just like the ice cream.  6.00

French Vanilla Ice Cream – Homemade here!  3.25 per scoop

Marion Berry Ice Cream- Homemade here! 3.25 per scoop

Orange Sorbet- Homemade here also! 3.25 per scoop

Vegan Pina Colada Ice Cream-  3.25 per scoop

After Dinner House Specialty Drinks

Spanish Coffee –  Flamed 151 rum in a sugar-rimmed glass, with Kahlua, a splash of Triple Sec, and hot coffee.  Topped with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg.  Our house specialty!  8.50

Raspberry Truffle –  A dessert vodka Martini made with the wonderful combination of chocolate and Chambord liqueur.  7.50

Chocolate Covered Cherry –  A vodka Martini made with several premium ingredients to give it that “Cordial” flavor.  7.50

Black Jack –  Yukon Jack and Kahlua with hot coffee and a spot of whipped cream. 6.95

Baldwin Coffee –  Bailey’s Irish Cream and Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey with hot coffee, and a bit of whipped cream on top.  6.95

German Chocolate – Dark Crème de Cacao, Hazelnut, and Coffee liqueurs blended with cream and ice.  7.50

Specialty Drinks

Loca Rita – All the best stuff!  Jose Cuervo Gold, lime juice, a splash of both Grand Marnier and Di Saronno Amaretto.  Served on the rocks.  9.00

Original Margarita- Alto Silver Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, and fresh lime juice. Served on the rocks and a salted rim.  10.00

Bad Dog – A large, salt-rimmed glass filled with a heavy pour of Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila and fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.  9.00

The Absolut Ultimate Cosmopolitan – An upscale Absolut Citron Vodka Martini made with Cointreau Orange Liqueur, cranberry juice, and a touch of fresh-squeezed lime.  7.50

Lemon Drop – Our lemon martini recipe includes Absolut Citron and our fresh-squeezed lemonade, shaken with ice, strained, and poured into a chilled, sugar-rimmed glass. 7.50

Bartlett Pear- Pear Absolut Vodka, simple syrup, bar sour, and a twist of lime. 7.50

Apple Bomb – A sour apple and Vodka Martini in a sugar-rimmed glass.  It’s the bomb!  6.50

Ultimate Mule – Ginger Vodka, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer.  9.00

Irish Mule- Jameson Irish Whiskey, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer. 7.50


Northwest Microbrews On Tap
Widmer Hefeweizen
Double Mountain India Red Ale
Sedition India Pale Ale                pFriem Pilsner                        Everybodys Brewing Oatmeal Stout Backwoods Copper line Amber

Bottled Beer-Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Genuine Draft, Michelob Ultra, Beck’s Imported Non-alcoholic, Corona.

Hard Cider- Apple, BakedApple, Pomegranate Cherry, and Apricot

Non-Alcoholic beveragesCoffee
Hood River Coffee Co. Baldwin Saloon Blend
Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte’s, Coffee Drinks (see menu)
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7-Up (free refills)
Iced Tea or Hot Tea
Fresh-squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice
Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer
Italian Sodas & Cream Sodas (flavors below)
Milk, 2%
Fresh-squeezed Lemonade
San Pelligrino Sparkling Mineral Water
Espresso & CappuccinoEspresso
Add a flavor
Italian Soda FlavorsVanilla, Peach, Orange, Caramel, Butterscotch, Apricot, Blackberry, Huckleberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Coconut, Blueberry, Cherry, Mango, Pineapple, Irish Cream, Lime,Grape, Coffee, Hazelnut, Praline, Almond Roca, Walnut, Macadamia Nut, Almond.  Ask about sugar-free flavors.

We are proud to serve many Columbia Gorge area wines by the glass
and exclusively Washington and Oregon wines by the bottle

White wine by the glass

Maryhill Chardonnay 6.00
Cathedral Ridge Pinot Gris  6.00
Viento Riesling 7.00

Red wine by the glass

The Pines Merlot  7.00
The Pines Big Red (Cabernet Blend)  7.00
15 Mile  Pinot Noir  6.00